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Heat Exchanger Tubes Suppliers

Heat Exchanger Tubes Suppliers

Seamless Heat Exchanger Tubes

Seamless Heat Exchanger Tubes

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Heat Exchanger Welded Tubes

We are first in this field well equipped with all necessary tools and machineries driven by highly skilled and experienced workers. We have independently retubed Waste heat boiler (bonnet type), Carbamate Condernsors, RG boiler in various fertilizer plants. Air fin coolers and other heat exchangers in bulk quantities for refineries Graphite tube retubing, Cold heat exchanger of Sulphuric Acid Plant (Vertically mounted). We are fully geared up with heat exchanger retubing during Plant turnaround. We have perfected our condenser services over hundreds of retubing projects, mainly focusing on quality of workmanship, safety and reduced outage durations. Our experienced engineers specialized in a wide variety of condenser retubing services, including:

  • Tube installation
  • Scrap tube recovery
  • Tube sheet repair
  • Tube removal
  • Tube removal (detubing) for modular replacement / replacement tube bundles.

Heat exchanger tubes are continuously expanding and contracting as they heat up and cool down during normal operations. Depending on the application, calcium, salt water scale, lyme and other contaminants can compound the problem, leading to even faster deterioration. Over time, these factors inevitably lead to failure and the tubing must be replaced. Fabrication & design of heat exchangers at client’s premises. Tubos has made major contributions in tooling design and techniques that have sufficiently great reduced the time required to retube a condenser. 10,000 Number of tube condenser can be retubed in less than two weeks & 25,000 tube condenser can be retubed within a three week. We provides procedures, planning, onsite technical assistance and specialized condenser retubing tooling packages to efficiently return condensers to design performance.

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What is Heat Exchanger Suppliers?

Heat Exchanger design includes solid, loose lined and explosive clad tubesheet options. All head and closure designs are available. Roller and hydro-expansion also available. Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger are the popular types of exchanger due to the flexibility the designer has to allow for a wide ranges of pressure and temperature. Shell and Tube exchanger consist of a number of tube mounted inside a cylindrical shell. There are two main types of Shell and Tube exchanger:

  • Used in the power industry such as power plant condensers and feedwater heaters.
  • Used in the petrochemical industry which tends to be covered by standard from TEMA.

Heat Exchanger Rolled Tubes Specification

Available Specifications for Shell & Tube Available Materials of Construction
Upto 6 MtrDiameter Units Available Titanium
Designed and Fabricated to ASME and TEMA standards Zirconium
Multi-Tube Pass Designs Available Tantalum
Bonnets Optional Niobium
Vertical, Sloped, Horizontal Mounting Available Nickel
  Super Duplex Steel
  Duplex Steel
  Stainless Steel

supplying facility in Korea for Air Cooled Exchanger, Finned Tube Heat Exchanger, Finned Tubes has the following production capacity

PRODUCTS supplying Capacity Material Available
Bundle Assembly 50 bundles/Month Carbon Steel
Steel Structure 30 Bays/Month Low Alloy Carbon Steel
Finned Tube Exchangers 200 tons/Month Stainless Steel
Finning High Alloy Steel
Embedded “G” Type 90,000 m/Month Nickel Alloy
Footed “L” Type 90,000m/Month Titanium
Overlapped Footed “LL” type 90,000m/Month
Knurled “KL” Type 90,000m/Month
Extruded type 100,000m/Month

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