K9 Ductile Iron Pipe

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K9 Ductile Iron Pipe

K9 Ductile Iron Pipe

ISO 2531 Class K9

ISO 2531 Class K9

K9 Ductile Iron Pipes

K9 Ductile Iron Pipes

Ductile iron pipes are produced from cast ductile iron. The K9 Ductile Iron Pipe is designed with a superior chemical composition. This enables them to give enhanced protection against all forms of corrosion and oxidation in different environments. The K9 Ductile Iron Pipes are designed with excellent mechanical properties. These pipes possess a minimum tensile strength of 420Mpa and a minimum yield strength of 300Mpa. The Class K9 Ductile Iron Pipes can be easily elongated by a minimum of 10% and still possess excellent workability. These pipes are designed with a density of 7050 Kg/m2 and have a hardness of 230BHN. The Di K9 Pipe is widely used in various systems for transmission of potable water, industrial water, irrigation systems, wastewater, and so on. We are the leading K9 Pipe Suppliers in India. We supply the best products to all our outlets in the country, which are available at reasonable rates.

Ductile Iron Pipe Class K9 is designed to withstand high pressures and extreme temperatures. They are available in nominal thickness between 6mm to 13.5mm. The K9 Socket And Spigot Pipes possess good strength and are easy to tap. These pipes require less support compared to cast iron pipes. They are durable and can suffice with high structural load and soil compaction. The Di K9 Water Pipes has a smooth interior, which allows for fast flow of fluids within these pipes compared to concrete, polythene, PVC pipes, and so on. These pipes are available in different thicknesses and sizes. Di K9 Gas Pipes can be coated with an external layer of black bitumen, epoxy, and metallic zinc. This will give these pipes enhanced resistance and tolerances. All our products including the Ductile Iron Class K9 Pipes can be customized as per your needs in different shapes and sizes.

The Di Pipe K9 Pressure Rating is based on the pressure classes of C40, C30, and C25. The C25 class is the preferred choice for high nominal diameter and pressure class systems. The K9 Ductile Iron Pipe Price List depends on the thickness, sizes, grades, and overall properties of the pipe of you’re choosing. Visit our outlets to get a quote on these pipes or our other products. The K9 Pipe Specification is based on the tolerances, thickness, outside diameters, maximum and minimum working pressures, and so on. For a detailed overview, check the end of the page. The K9 Ductile Iron Pipe Specifications of pipes can be availed in different shapes and sizes as per your requirements. All these products are produced under the strict guidance of our experienced workers. If you have any queries or want to know more about our Di Pipe K9, contact us for more information.

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Class K9 Ductile Iron Pipes Specifications

Product Name Self anchored ductile iron, Ductile Iron Pipe with Spigot & Socket
Specifications ASTM A377 Ductile Iron, AASHTO M64 Cast Iron Culvert Pipes
Standard ISO2531, EN545, EN598
Ductile Material Ductile Iron GGG 50
Main Products Dci, Di, Pipe, Ductile Cast Iron Pipe, Dci Pipe, Di Pipe
Pipe C20, C25, C30, C40, C64, C50, C100 & Class K7, K9 & K12
standard sizes DN 80 mm to DN 2000 mm (including DN 125 & DN 750)
External Coating Red / Blue Epoxy or Black Bitumen, Zn & Zn-AI Coatings, Metallic Zinc (130 gm/m2 or 200 gm/m2 or 400 gm/m2 as per the customer’s requirements) complying to relevant ISO, IS, BS EN standards with a finishing layer of Epoxy Coating / Black Bitumen(minimum thickness 70 micron) as per the customer’s requirements.
Available joint method T type; Mechanical joint k type; Self-anchor
Internal Coating Cement Lining of OPC/ SRC/ BFSC/ HAC Cement mortar lining as per requirement with ordinary Portland Cement and Sulphate Resisting Cement conforming to relevant IS, ISO, BS EN standards.
Coating Metallic zinc spray with Bituminous Coating (Outside) Cement mortar lining (Inside).
Application Ductile cast iron Pipe are mainly used for transferring waste water, drinkable water and for irrigation.

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Tycoon piping is one of the large suppliers for high-quality Ductile Iron Pipe Class k9. Ductile Iron K9 Pipes are capable of dealing with much more pressure than Ductile Iron Class K9 pipes. The weight of K9 pipes depends on the thickness and the size of the pipe. Class K9 DI pipe specification depends on the Nominal Wall Thickness as well as the Nominal Diameter of the pipe. DI K9 Pipes are heavier than Class K9 Ductile Iron Pipe. DI pipes Class K7 and Ductile Iron Pipe Class K9 Suppliers exceptionally assorted applications and they are capable of withstanding surge and high pressure. We likewise give IS 8329 Class K9 Pipe at a reasonable cost.

DI K7 and K9 types of pipes have unique mechanical properties and they have high tensile strength. Ductile Class K9 pipes are resistant to corrosion and there is no requirement for cathodic protection for them. Tycoon Piping is oldest  K9 Cast Iron Pipe suppliers in India. We are supplying Di Class K9, Ductile Pipe Class K9, Cast Iron K9 & Iso 2531 Class K9 & Ductile Iron Pipe Class K9 Suppliers at affordable price due to reasonable man hours in India and good source of high quality Ductile Iron Pipes Class K9 at best price available in Mumbai, India.

Tycoon Piping is Distributor of Class K9 Ductile Iron Pipe approved by Saudi Aramco. We maintain large stock of K9 Di Water Pipe. Tycoon Piping offer the choice from the complete range of Iso 2531 Class K9 in Stock in various sizes. We can also provide free sample of Class K9 Ductile Iron Pipes, Tycoon Piping is having our Dealer & Distributor in Gujarat, Punjab, Tamil-Nadu, Haryana, Karnataka, Vadodara, Pune, Karnataka, Ghaziabad, Indore, Bhosari, Raipur, Bangalore, Nagpur, Faridabad, Jaipur, Aurangabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Uttar-Pradesh, Chennai(Madras), Ahmedabad, Madhya-Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Ludhiana, Rajasthan, West-Bengal, Kolhapur, Khopoli, Rajkot. So if you are looking for best price of K9 Ductile Iron Pipe & Cast Iron K9 near you with shortest time delivery or free sample of Ductile Iron Class K9 Pipes. Call us or mail to sales@tycoonpiping.com for Latest & Updated price List of Is 8329 Class K9 Pipe. Our dealer near you will contact you and will provide full information about Ductile Iron Pipe Class K9 Suppliers.

K9 DI Pipes Dimension

Basic Dimension of Class K9 DI pipes

Tol. on
‘C’ class

class Nom

Works Test
80 98 +1/-2.7 C40 4.4 6.0 60
100 118 +1/-2.8 C40 4.4 6.0 60
150 170 +1/-2.9 C40 4.5 6.0 60
200 222 +1/-3 C40 4.7 6.3 60
250 274 +1/-3.1 C40 5.5 6.8 60
300 326 +1/-3.3 C40 6.2 7.2 60
350 378 +1/-3.4 C30 6.3 7.7 50
400 429 +1/-3.5 C30 6.5 8.1 50
450 480 +1/-3.6 C30 6.9 8.6 50
500 532 +1/-3.8 C30 7.5 9.0 50
600 635 +1/-4 C30 8.7 9.9 50
700 738 +1/4.3 C25 8.8 10.8 42
800 842 +1/4.5 C25 9.6 11.7 42
900 945 +1/-4.8 C25 10.6 12.6 42
1000 1048 +1/-5 C25 11.6 13.5 42

Dimension of Socket and Spigot Ends Ductile Iron Pipes – Thickness Class (Class K9)

Nominal Dia of Pipe ‘DN’ External Diameter ‘DE’ Barrel Wall Thickness ‘e’
K9 K9
mm mm mm
80 98 6.0
100 118 6.0
125 144 6.0
150 170 6.0
200 222 6.3
250 274 6.8
300 326 7.2
350 378 7.7
400 429 8.1
450 480 8.6
500 532 9.0
600 635 9.9
700 738 10.8
750 790 11.3
800 842 11.7
900 945 12.6
1000 1048 13.5
1100 1152 14.4
1200 1255 15.3
Ductile Iron Pipe Class K9 Suppliers dimensions with socket and spigot ends class k9

Class K9 Ductile Iron Pipes Pressure Rating

Nominal Diameter DN (mm) Pressure Class
Preferred Class Nominal Thickness
80 C40 4.4
100 C40 4.4
150 C40 4.5
200 C40 4.7
250 C40 5.5
300 C40 6.2
350 C30 6.3
400 C30 6.5
450 C30 6.9
500 C30 7.5
600 C30 8.7
700 C25 8.8
800 C25 9.6
Check the latest Ductile Iron Pipe Class K9 Suppliers pressure rating in india at affortable price

Ductile Iron Pipe Class K9 Price List

Size Price Per Unit
100 mm
150 mm
200 mm
250 mm
300 mm
350 mm
400 mm
450 mm
500 mm
600 mm
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