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ASTM A134 Pipe Suppliers

ASTM A134 Pipe Suppliers

A134 Welded Pipe

A134 Welded Pipe

ASTM A134 Seamless Pipe

ASTM A134 Seamless Pipe

Tycoon piping is one of the main Suppliers and Exporters of excellent ASTM A134 and ASME SA134 Carbon Steel Tube in India. Our ASTM A134 and ASME SA134 Carbon Steel Tube are experiencing a hardness test, smoothing test, flaring test, rib test, and hydrostatic test Before They Are Stocked and Supplied To Our Clients. ASME SA134 Boiler Pipes and Tube Has A Good Thermal Conductivity Which Makes It For Effective To Use In Many Industries. These ASTM A134 and ASME SA134 Carbon Steel Tube are utilized in different application industry like Tubular Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Etc. Carbon Steel SA134 Pipes Are Also Used In Sugar Mills, Petrochemical Industry, Construction and Cement Industries and Steel Plants Too. These are accessible in various size, determination and thickness according to the customer's prerequisites.

We are one of the extensive producers for brilliant Carbon Steel ASTM A134 Pipes. Carbon Steel ASTM A134 Welded Pipe is utilized in enterprises for High Temperature Services. ASME SA134 Welded Pipe is utilized in oil and gas refineries. Carbon Steel A134 pipe is utilized for exchanging of Gases and liquids under High Pressure and Temperature. ASTM A134/ASME SA134 Carbon Steel funnels are reasonable for bowing, for flanging, for welding, and so on. Tubos offers Low Carbon Mild Steel A134 Pipe in round structure. Our Carbon Steel SA134 and A134 pipe experiences straightening test, hardness test, flaring test, spine test and hydrostatic test. Carbon Steel ASME SA134 Welded Boiler Pipe has a decent warm conductivity, which makes it increasingly compelling to use in numerous enterprises. CS Electric Fusion Welded A134 Pipe are impervious to erosion and are likewise cleaned for fine completing to make it stunningly better.

SA134 Welded Pipe Is Used In Plants, Oil and Gas Refineries. A134 Pipe Is Used For Transfer Of Gases and Fluids Under High Pressure and Temperature. ASTM A134/ASME SA134 Pipes Are Suitable For twisting, for flanging, for welding, and so on. Solitaire abroad Is A Well Known Supplier Of ASTM A134 Pipe and Tubes In India, Poland and Saudi Arabia. We Export SA134 and A134 Pipe To USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Iran, Qatar, Italy, Europe, Indonesia, Morocco, Australia. Our Company Can Supply SA134 Welded & ERW Electric Fusion CS Pipe From Any Mill That You Trust. We Specialize In Supplying A134 Boiler Tubes and ASME SA134 Condenser Tubes In Saudi Arabia. We Are Preferred Sa-134 Pipe providers In Europe, Sudan, Bangkok, Kenya, Poland, Iraq, Tanzania.

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ASTM A134 Carbon Steel Pipes Speicification

Standard ASTM A134 / ASME SA134
Range Straight lengths up to 27.00 Meters with Diameter Outside ranging from 6.00mm to 80.00mm and
thickness ranging from 0.85mm to 6mm, Available Custom Size
Type Welded SA134 & A134 Pipes & Tubes
Grade Q235, Q345B, GR.B, Q195
Diameter 10 mm To 200 mm Diameter.
Form Coiled Tubes, Round Pipes & Tubes, “U” Shape Pipes & Tubes

Mechanical Properties of ASTM A134 Pipes

rade Tensile Test MPa or N/mm2 Remaks (Similar to JIS) Possibility Temperature
Min Yield point Tensile Strength
T4 170 415Min -
T5 170 415Min (STBA25)
T7 170 415Min -
T9 170 415Min (STBA26)
T11 170 415Min (STBA23)
T21 170 415Min -
T22 170 415Min (STBA24)
T91 170 415Min -

Chemical Compositon of ASTM A134 Pipe

Grade Mfg. Process Chemical composition(%)
C Si Mn P S Ni Cr Mo Others
T4 S 0.05~0.15 0.50~1.00 0.30~0.60 0.030Max 0.030Max - 2.15~2.82 0.44~0.65 -
T5 S 0.15Max 0.50Max 0.30~0.60 0.030Max 0.030Max - 4.00~6.00 0.45~0.65 -
T7 S 0.15Max 0.50~1.00 0.30~0.60 0.030Max 0.030Max - 6.00~8.00 0.45~0.65 -
T9 S 0.15Max 0.50~1.00 0.30~0.60 0.030Max 0.030Max - 8.00~10.00 0.90~1.10 -
T11 S 0.05~0.15 0.25~1.00 0.30~0.60 0.030Max 0.030Max - 1.00~1.50 0.44~0.65 -
T21 S 0.05~0.15 0.50~1.00 0.30~0.60 0.030Max 0.030Max - 2.65~3.35 0.80~1.06 -
T22 S 0.05~0.15 0.50Max 0.30~0.60 0.030Max 0.030Max - 1.90~2.60 0.87~1.13 -
T91 S 0.05~0.15 0.50Max 0.30~0.60 0.020Max 0.010Max 0.40Max 8.00~9.50 0.85~1.05 V 0.18~0.25 Cb 0.06~0.10 N 0.03~0.07 AL 0.04Max

Types of ASTM A134 Pipe

  • ASTM A134 Welding
  • ASTM A134 Pipes
  • ASME SA134 Condenser Pipes
  • ASTM A134 Round Pipes
  • Electric Fusion Welded A134 Pipes
  • Carbon Steel SA134 Welded Pipe
  • ASTM A134 Heat Exchanger Pipes
  • Welded ASTM A134 Boiler Pipe
  • ASME SA134 Welded Pipe
  • ASME SA134 Pipes
  • ASTM A134 Welded Pipes
  • ASTM A134 Piping
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