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Check Here the different JIS G 3457 Stpy 400 and JIS G 3457 Stpy in India

Seamless Pipe

Seamless Pipe

Welded Pipe

Welded Pipe

ERW Pipe

ERW Pipe

Hydrostatic haracteristic or Nondestructive Characteristic

The pipes shall be tested in accordance with 9.4 and the resulting hydrostatic characteristic or nondestructive characteristic shall conform to the following alternative, preference being committed either to the purchaser's designation or to the discretion of the suppliers.

  • Hydrostic Characteristic When a hydrostatic pressure of 25 kgf/㎠ {25 bar} is applied, the pipes shall withstand it without leakage.
  • Nondestructive Characteristic The pipes shall be subjected to the nondestructive examination in the form of the ultrasonic test, and there shall be no signal greater than those produced by the artificial defects of the reference test block grade UY of the working sensitivity division specified in JIS G 0584.

Dimensions, Mass and Dimensional Tolerances

  • Dimensional Tolerances The tolerances on outside diameter and wall thickness of the pipes
  • Dimensional and Mass The outside diameter, wall thickness and mass of the pipes shall be as specified in Attached Table

Wall Thickness

Division of wall thickness Over 7mm, up to 8mm Over 6mm, up to and incl. 7mm Over 5mm, up to and incl. 6mm
Elongation % 18 16 15


  • In determining the outside diameter, either the measured value of the length of circumference or the diameter derived from the measured value may be used. In this case, the outside diameter (D) and the length of circumference (l) shall be calculated reversibly from the following formula.
  • To the portions under repaired and the like, the above tolerances on outside diameter shall not be actually applied provided it is confirmed that the wall thickness is withness is within the tolerance range.
  • Pipe Length The length of each pipe shall be 4000mm or over.
  • l = ヰ · D where ヰ=3.1416

Grade and Designation






GRADE Grade Number GRADE Grade
D 3583 SPW 400 (New)
SPW 41 (Traditional)
A 134
A 134
A 139
A 36
A 283
A 285
A 370
A 37
A 570
Gr B

Gr D

Gr D

G-3457 STPY400 (New)
STPY41 (Traditional)
1626 ust 37.0
st 37.0
st 44.0
st 52.0
3601 SAW410
A 139 Gr A
Gr C
Gr D
Gr E

Chemical Composition

Letter symbol of grade C P S
STPY400 0.25 max. 0.40 max. 0.040 max.

Mechanical Properties


Letter symbol of grade

Table 3 Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength
N/mm {kgf/mm2}
Yield point or proof stress
2                         2
N/mm {kgf/mm }

Elongation % No. 5 test piece, transverse

STPY400 400 {41}min. 255{23} min. 18 min.

Dimensions, Mass and Dimensional Tolerances

Division Tolerances %
Outside diameter 【0.5 Measurement based on the length of circumference.
 Wall thickness Nominal diameter Up to and incl. 450A +15 / -12.5
Nominal diameter over 450A +15 / -10