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Alloy Steel 35CrMo Pipe

Alloy Steel 35CrMo Pipe

35CrMo Steel Equivalent

35CrMo Steel Equivalent

35CrMo Seamless Pipe

35CrMo Seamless Pipe

35CrMo composite extraordinary steel proportional material additionally can be called as combination basic steel. Combination steel implies this sort of evaluation contains some exceptional amalgam piece. Composite steel is a steel that has had little measures of at least one alloying components (other than carbon, for example, for example, manganese, silicon, nickel, titanium, copper, chromium and aluminum included. This produces explicit properties that are not found in ordinary carbon steel. Combination steels are workhorses of industry in light of their conservative cost, wide accessibility, simplicity of handling, and great mechanical properties. Compound steels are commonly more receptive to warm and mechanical medicines than carbon steels.

35 CrMo Alloy Seamless Steel Pipe is a Combination steels are separated into two gatherings: low compound steels and high composite steels. The contrast between the two is to some degree arbitrary:[clarification needed] Smith and Hashemi characterize the distinction at 4.0%, while Degarmo, et al., characterize it at 8.0%. Coming up next is a scope of improved properties in alloy steels (when contrasted with carbon steels): quality, hardness, durability, wear opposition, consumption obstruction, hardenability, and hot hardness. To accomplish a portion of these improved properties the metal may require heat treating. A portion of these discover utilizes in intriguing and exceptionally requesting applications, for example, in the turbine cutting edges of fly motors, in shuttle, and in atomic reactors. As a result of the ferromagnetic properties of iron, some steel amalgams find vital applications where their reactions to attraction are vital, incorporating into electric engines and in transformers. Amalgam Steel Plate Is Widely Used In The Landing Gear, Shaft, Gear, Solid Rocket Engine Shell, Bearings, Dies, Block And So On.

35CrMo alloy steel Pipe can be utilized to make significant parts in different machines that withstand effect, twisting and high loads, for example, moving factory gears, crankshafts, associating bars, clasp, car motor axles, axles, motor transmission parts, substantial engine shafts, screws for boilers with working temperatures beneath 400 °C, nuts underneath 510 °C, high weight consistent thick-walled conductors for compound apparatus (450-500 ° C, non-destructive media). Tycoon piping is one of the substantial makers for great Alloy Steel 35 CrMo Pipes. 35 Cr Mo steel has sway durability, high static quality and high exhaustion limit, solidify capacity is higher than 40Cr, higher enduring quality and creep quality under high temperature, long haul stirring temperature up to 500 Degree C. With elite and use of 35 CrMo, for example, high temperature creep quality and enduring, better low temperature sway strength, without overheating inclination, great hardenability, extinguishing disfigurement is little, machinability of medium, when cold side plastic reasonable, 35 Cr Mo material needs preheating before welding, heat treatment subsequent to welding and wipe out worry, in normally utilized in the wake of treating treatment, can likewise be utilized in high recurrence surfaces extinguishing and low temperature treating in after use.

Alloy Steel 35 CrMo pipe utilized in the production of twist torsion, withstand stun, the different of high burden, and the essential parts can likewise be utilized in the assembling of high burden transmission shaft, huge cross-area apparatus, inspiration and turbo generator rotor, supporting shaft measurement under 500 mm.

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Alloy Steel 35 CrMo Pipe Specifications

Thickness 8 mm to 250 mm
Width 1500 mm to 4050 mm
Length 3000 mm to 15000 mm
Delivery condition Annealing / Tempering
Hardness ≦229 HBW
Characteristic 35CrMo has high static strength, impact toughness and high fatigue limit.
Application 35CrMo alloy pipe used to supply important parts of various machines
that bear the impact, twist and high
Standard ASTM, DIN, GB, JIS, ANSI A213M-2001, ASTM A179-1990, ASTM A53-2007, DIN 1629/3,
DIN 1629/4, DIN 17175, DIN 2391, DIN EN 10305, GB/T 3639-2000, GB/T 8162-1999,
GB/T 8163-1999, GB/T3639, GB/T8162, GB/T8163, JIS G3445-2006
Grade 10#-45#, 16Mn, A53-A369, Cr-Mo alloy, Q195-Q345, ST35-ST52, 10#, 20#,
45#, 16Mn, A213, 30CrMo, 35CrMo4, Q195, Q235, Q345, ST35, St37, ST37.4, St45, St52
Thickness 0.5 - 8 mm
Section Shape Round
Outer Diameter 3 - 800 mm
Secondary Or Not Non-secondary
Application Drill Pipe, Fluid Pipe, Hydraulic Pipe, Oil Pipe, Structure Pipe
Technique Cold Drawn
Surface Treatment Polishing, Galvanized
Special Pipe Thick Wall Pipe
Alloy Or Not Is Alloy
color of steel tubes slivery
tolerance of steel tubes +/-0.03mm
shape of steel tubes round
technology of steel tubes cold drawn & cold rolled/
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
  • Wrapped in waterproof paper
  • Sackcloth with several steel strips
  • cover cap
  • wooden cas

35 CrMo Pipe Chemical Compositions

C Mn P S Si Cr Mo
0.32~0.40 0.40~0.70 ≤0.03 ≤0.03 0.17~0.37 0.8~1.10 0.15~0.25

Mechanical Properties of 35 CrMo Steel Grade Pipe

Tensile Strength (Mpa) Yield Strength (Mpa) Elongation in 2 in.
≧980 ≧835 ≧12

Alloy Steel 35 CrMo Pipe Equivalent Material

China USA Germany Japan France UK ISO
Standard Grade Standard Grade Standard Grade Standard Grade Standard Grade Standard Grade Standard Grade
GB/T 3077 35CrMo ASTM A29/A29M 4135,
DIN EN 10083-3 34CrMo4 JISG 4105 SCM435 NF EN 10083-3 34CrMo4 BS EN 10083-3 34CrMo4 ISO 683 34CrMo4

GB 35CrMo

End Shape Beveled end, plain end, vanished, or adding plastic caps to protect the two ends as per customer's requirements
Surface Oiled, Galvanized, Phosphate etc
Technique Cold drawn
Application 1. Automotive and mechanical pipes
2. Petroleum cracking pipes
3. High Pressure Boiler Pipe
4. Low and middle pressure fluid transportation pipeline
5. Chemical fertilizer equipment pipes
6. Heat exchanger pipes
Delivery 1. BK (+C) No heat treatment after last cold forming process.
Conditions 2. BKW (+LC) After last heat treatment there is a light finishing pass (cold drawing)
  3. BKS (+SR) After the final cold forming process the tubes are stress relieve annealed.
  4. GBK (+A) After the final cold forming process the tubes are annealed in a controlled atmosphere.
  5. NBK (+N) After the final cold forming process the tubes are annealed above the upper transformation point in acontrolled atmosphere.
Package 1. Bundle Packing.
2. Plain end or vanished as per customer's request.
3. Wrapped in waterproof paper.
4. Sackcloth with several steel strips.
5. Pack in heavy tri-wall boxes.